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Conslate is a powerful contract management app designed to ensure everyone involved in a project stays on the same page contractually. Our platform offers a secure and collaborative environment, with features that cater to diverse needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into our FAQ to find answers to common questions about our services, policies, and how our platform works. Whether you're curious about our process, or anything in between, we've got you covered.

In a private contract, including the contract agreement clause and scope of work, financial planning details are shared exclusively between the contractor and the client. No member of the public has access to these details. Conversely, in a public contract, a tracking ID is generated, allowing any member of the public with the tracking ID to view all aspects of the contract. However, they have read-only access and cannot take any action.

Public contracts play a crucial role in ensuring extended project monitoring for initiatives that require the utmost transparency throughout their lifecycle. This transparency fosters trust and accountability, making public contracts ideal for projects undertaken by businesses, charitable foundations, and government agencies.

Conslate offers several convenient ways to receive payments for your work:

Milestone-Based Payments: Securely receive funds from an escrowed transaction upon successful completion of each task, as authorized by the client.

Direct Transfers: In select countries and currencies, clients can send payments directly to your Conslate wallet for faster access to your earnings.

Please note that escrow usage is optional and availability may vary depending on your location.

Client Initiates: Only clients can initiate new contracts, ensuring clear ownership of project scope and terms.

Contractor/Vendor Reviews: Once initiated, contractors/vendors can review the contract details and choose to accept or reject the proposed scope of work.

Flexible Export and Import: Anyone can export a draft contract for future reference or to share with external parties. Clients can then easily import the contract to initiate the formal agreement process.

Conslate's financial management system enables you to monitor income and expenses, set budgets, create reports, track contracts, and ensure timely payments, minimizing financial risks.

Conslate includes an internal chat system for seamless communication with contractors and clients. Additionally, you can send invoices via chat and manage cash income and expenses.

Yes, Conslate provides a business request system, allowing you to make requests for new contracts, invoices, or other business-related documents.

Utilize Conslate's business profile manager to keep your contact information, website, and social media profiles up-to-date.

Yes, Conslate is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, simplifying tasks, mitigating risks, and excelling in business management.